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Leketa Danielle Hawkins is an upbeat, accomplished, and dedicated entrepreneur born and raised in Whiteville, North Carolina. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Chemistry and a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration from Winston Salem State University. She participates in a non-profit organization established in 2018, which aims to provide access to low-cost and no-cost health and wellness resources in low socioeconomic communities. Most of her experience and expertise involve clinical research, budgeting, recruiting, career consulting, and community service, among many others. Leketa is also involved in a real estate investment LLC partnership called Dream Builders Investment Group (DreamBIG), where she supports with molding leaders in the real estate industry to create opportunities for housing, investing and generational wealth.

Leketa established HawCLeigh to guide college graduates, people looking for a career change, or individuals that work from nine to five but looking to start a business on a better and more sustainable path to success. As the Managing Consultant of HawCLeigh, Leketa stresses the importance of knowing a business’s numbers to plan ahead and for long-term stability. As a business consultant, Leketa aspires to help others succeed as professionals by supporting them in their search for opportunities and aligning their goals and aspirations with their talents, skill sets, and experience.

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HawCLeigh is a business consulting company that provides educational resources and services for small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.


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